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Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Keep You On-Trend

Selling real estate is fundamentally a social undertaking. That’s why so many real estate marketing ideas center around creating a presence on social media and making sure that everything you do is shareable and relatable.   Set up Shop on Major Social Media Sites  Sellin…

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Real Estate Website Design Considerations

Real estate website design can be incredibly challenging and tiring, not because it is particularly difficult, but because of how many things you must consider. The site needs to be visually appealing without being overbearing. It also needs to be easy to maneuver, user simply d…

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Surviving in a Slow Real Estate Market

The real estate market goes through many changes, phases, and periods of adjustment. You can find yourself with a thousand and one clients one season, and not even a query the next. However, it’s possible to survive, and sometimes even flourish, during a slow real estate market.…

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What is an Online Real Estate Agent & How Will They Impact the Industry?

In the country club model of pre-internet real estate, it wasn’t what buyers knew, but whom, that mattered. E-commerce has obliterated the low-competition environment realtors used to enjoy, but there have been more positive than negative spin offs for those who know how to leve…

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5 Outside of the Box Real Estate Marketing Techniques

The days of dull lead generation and boring listings in the real estate market are over. No agent can afford to be without a dazzling marketing spanning the digital ecosystem as well as offline media. Effective agents choose an array of techniques, from event marketing to upscal…

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Tips for Becoming an Expert on Your Local Real Estate Market

The more high quality deals you can close, the more successful your real estate business will become. However, great real estate opportunities aren’t likely to randomly fall into your lap. You can only ensure that great opportunities happen for you when you’re an exp…

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