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Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Keep You On-Trend

Selling real estate is fundamentally a social undertaking. That’s why so many real estate marketing ideas center around creating a presence on social media and making sure that everything you do is shareable and relatable.  

Set up Shop on Major Social Media Sites 

Selling real estate is all about being approachable and accessible to your customers. Real estate marketing ideas should follow that same idea. Make sure you have accounts on all the major social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Real estate brokers might want to pay special attention to the more “visual” social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest since these can complement real estate listings and really get your clients excited. Posting flattering interior pictures and walk-through video tours can make your clients and future homeowners feel like they’ve already made the purchase, paid you a commission and started to enjoy their new home. That’s an experience you can bring to life with the help of social media.

Make Yourself Findable and Content Shareable 

When you really think about the core underlying idea with social media, it’s about connecting people. Real estate brokers also connect people – namely, current homeowners with prospective home buyers – so you want to transfer all of that to your online strategy.

As you create social media accounts on sites like Instagram and Facebook make sure that you include those social media sharing buttons on your main blog and at the bottom of all your online marketing collateral.

That way other brokers and prospective homeowners can share the content that you disseminated without any issues. This effectively allows you to get more mileage out of the pictures and videos you put up, and that extra exposure should translate into more interest for the home that you’re selling.

And if someone sees one of your listings or becomes intrigued with one of your video walk-through tours that you’ve posted online, they’ll probably want to contact you directly.

For that reason, it’s a good idea to include an engaging contact page on all of your webpages online, preferably near your social media contact buttons so everything is super convenient and in one place.

Consider Professional Photography or Animated Videos 

Getting a professional photographer to come by and take pictures of the properties that you really want to sell is a fantastic strategy for quickly connecting buyer and seller. You can even combine the best pictures into a Pinterest board that really turns heads.

A lot of real estate brokers see the expense of paying a professional to stop by and second guess the idea. They really shouldn’t. A professional photographer can help frame any piece of property in the best light and, ultimately, the commission that you stand to gain far exceeds the few hundred dollars most professional photographers cost.

If you’re looking for more out-of-the-box real estate marketing ideas then consider hiring a creative agency to create an animated video for your webpages.

Including your name, social media handles and local hotspots in your video can breathe new life into your online strategy. The other nice thing about animated videos is that they can really complement your other online marketing endeavors – things like search engine optimization and social media marketing.

Make Everything Responsive and Mobile 

Everything that you put online should ideally be accessible across a range of devices – this is called being “responsive” in the sense that your clients can access your webpages from tablets, smartphones or desktops. Lastly, a mobile app and embracing local SEO can prompt your clients to stop by that day!

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