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Commission advance fees can be complicated and misleading. Our low, simple and transparent fee structure provides you with more cash upfront at a much lower cost than our competitors. When you advance with Premier Commission there is one flat fee that is easy to understand. There are no hidden fees whatsoever!


  • No Holdbacks
  • No Funding fees
  • No Application fees
  • No Admin fees


Premier Commission’s fixed fees are based on the number of days from advance to closing date, ¬†as follows: *

0-30 days
31-45 days
46-60 days
61-75 days
76-90 days
91-120 days**


**Premier Commission advances on closings of longer than 120 days. Please contact a Quick Qualify representative for details.

In addition to our low rates we also provide a free 14-day grace period from the closing date, to account for any delays.

The table below highlights the advantage of choosing Premier Commission, assuming a $10,000 advance for 30 days:

Call (212) 317-1702 or (866) 309-5582 to speak with Quick Qualify representative to get a full quote

*Some exceptions may apply for co-ops, commercial deals, leases, new construction and brokers of record. Minimum fees may apply.

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