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Surviving in a Slow Real Estate Market

The real estate market goes through many changes, phases, and periods of adjustment. You can find yourself with a thousand and one clients one season, and not even a query the next. However, it’s possible to survive, and sometimes even flourish, during a slow real estate market. 

  1. Adjust Your Pricing Accordingly

You need to stay afloat, and that means you need to consider pricing more towards the median range of comparable properties. You may even go lower and price around the lower end of the average. This will draw attention to the property and possibly bring in some interested parties.

  1. Upkeep the Property and Work On Curb Appeal

Even when things are slow, aesthetics can make all the difference. Make sure to keep the property clean and maintained, inside and out. Additionally, you can try to add a little curb appeal with a few inexpensive upgrades.

  • Paint the door or trim
  • Put in a new or unique mailbox
  • Plant a tree, flowers, or other foliage
  • Keep the yard manicured
  • Consider adding path lights
  • Keep the windows clean
  • Keep the driveway free of debris

Small things can make a big difference to someone on the fence about which home in the neighborhood will work best.

  1. Embrace Flexibility in All Things

If you want to close when the market is slow, you need to show some flexibility. This isn’t just about pricing. Although, being flexible with the terms of sale can help a great deal.

If a potential buyer says they want something a certain way before they buy, then do what you can to make it happen. If you cannot, then come up with alternatives.

Offer deals, and go out of your way to see what’s possible and what isn’t. You may have to put in a little more legwork than you’re used to, but it will pay off for you in the end.

  1. Keep Working On Your Business

Keep going to the office and working on your business. Take some time to do research, stay up with changes. See if you can find other paths to selling or earning funds.

The internet is your friend when things are slow. See what others are doing. You’re not the only one in a slump; another in your field may have some real relevant insight for you. If the slump took you by surprise, educating yourself a little can help you come up with a plan for the current one and future slumps to come.

  1. Actively Seek Out Buyers

No matter what’s going on with the slow real estate market in your area, there are always potential buyers. If you typically sell residential homes to families, then consider other types of buyers.

For example, there are people who want places suitable to rent out, or people who make their money doing renovations and flips. Stay alert for the possibility of a sale outside of your normal circle of influence.

  1. Consider a Commission Advancement

A commission advancement can give you access to cash before you close. These types of advances can make all the difference between keeping your business afloat when it’s slow, and you having to fold. A commission advance is not a loan, but rather a way to receive your cash early.

A commission advance can come in quite handy while you work on other aspects of your business during a slow buyer’s market. If you want to know more about how commission advances can work for you and your business, contact Premier Commission LLC today.

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