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5 Outside of the Box Real Estate Marketing Techniques

real-estate-marketing-techniquesThe days of dull lead generation and boring listings in the real estate market are over. No agent can afford to be without a dazzling marketing spanning the digital ecosystem as well as offline media.

Effective agents choose an array of techniques, from event marketing to upscale branding. Everything from outbound e-mail marketing to inspired PR. However, you don’t need to be a marketing mogul to upgrade your efforts. Here are a look at some unique real estate marketing tactics to incorporate into your strategy.

1) SEO, Digital Campaigns, and Influencers

Your digital strategy should deliver content via social media, search engine optimization, and influencer marketing. It’s no longer useful to simply push out content without refined real estate marketing techniques to improve visibility.

  • Develop a detailed audience persona that includes where your target demographic spends time online, which keywords they use, and which media affect them most.
  • Profound content is not enough. It needs to be delivered through the correct channels for your audience, whether via LinkedIn, Twitter, or other sites.
  • Social media listening tools help you to watch online chatter about your brand and deliver superior customer service.
  • Video tours give potential buyers a reason to click into your site. They’re compelling, particularly for customers who haven’t yet made a decision to buy. Use video editing software to optimize and post your clips on property pages.

2) Open Houses

Mobile is the leading platform for social media marketing, and Facebook is the most visited network via phone. The medium presents some exciting prospects for highly effective open house days.

  • Post information about open houses at well ahead of time on the social networks your demographic uses.
  • Contests, and promotions can be offered via mobile, giving your attendees content in real time while they view a property.
  • Integrated multimedia techniques can be themed in the same way as your open house day. A festive atmosphere makes your property more inviting.

3) Eventify

Real estate marketing techniques delivered through events amp up your branding while bolstering your reputation. Make your real estate insights available via YouTube or Facebook. Seminars can be advertised for via local partners and online.

4) Partner with Local Artists

Interior decorators and artists are often enthusiastic partners. Let them showcase their work using your open house as a staging platform. This will add buzz to the atmosphere and present the house in its best light. It will also leave you with much needed extra hours to work on your real estate marketing techniques.

5) Demonstrate Your Values

Add a bit about your personal life to your branding efforts by ensuring that all your dealings fit in with the image you’re working so hard to project. Adding social responsibility to your campaign is not only a way to give back, but an effective addition to your real estate marketing techniques. Charitable contributions will improve your reputation in the community while giving you an opportunity to host events. With a social entrepreneurship facet to your image, you can set yourself apart from other local agents.

Your marketing strategy is only limited by your imagination. Call us if you need help funding your campaign today! Our commission advances for real estate agents can help you get the cash you need to create an effective marketing strategy.

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