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How to Choose the Right Home Staging Services

Choosing the right home staging services to partner with can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Savvy real estate agents who select creative partners with solid reputations can sell more houses faster, more efficiently, and for a greater price. As with all business d…

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4 New Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

As a new real estate agent, the ability to generate real estate leads can make or break your career. However, generating these leads can be a great challenge unless you know what you are doing. Fortunately, there are a number of professionals who have come before, and in many ca…

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5 Outside of the Box Real Estate Marketing Techniques

The days of dull lead generation and boring listings in the real estate market are over. No agent can afford to be without a dazzling marketing spanning the digital ecosystem as well as offline media. Effective agents choose an array of techniques, from event marketing to upscal…

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6 Tips For Writing a Real Estate Listing That Sells

Words are just as effective for selling a home as photos. The wording you use when writing a real estate listing can sell your property quickly, or put off potential buyers. Which words are right and which are wrong depends on your property’s location as well as the type of buye…

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How to Respond to a Negative Real Estate Agent Review

In the real estate business, your name and your reputation are all you’ve got to stand out from the competition. Home buyers interested in hiring you to represent them are going to want to know that you have a positive track record for closing deals and getting clients wha…

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How to Create a Real Estate Sign That Will Turn Heads

As a real estate agent, you wear many hats. One of the most important hats you wear is that of a marketer. If you don’t market properties, then the chances of closing deals — and that you will get paid — are zero. One of the best ways to attract buyers is actua…

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