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How to Respond to a Negative Real Estate Agent Review

In the real estate business, your name and your reputation are all you’ve got to stand out from the competition. Home buyers interested in hiring you to represent them are going to want to know that you have a positive track record for closing deals and getting clients what they want. Unfortunately, it only takes one disgruntled client to post a negative review and put a damper on your reputation. How you handle those negative reviews makes all the difference in how future home buyers and sellers view your business.

Always Address the Issue

When you first see a negative comment about your services, it can make you cringe. You may not be willing to acknowledge the comment at all, hoping it fades into the background of the internet over time. However, studies show that customers want to see that you are actively engaged in fixing problems. In fact, most customers admit that they don’t expect you to be perfect, all they expect is that you are willing to try to make things better when something goes wrong. By addressing the comment directly and swiftly, you will show potential clients that you are dedicated to good customer service even after the deal has been signed.

Know When to Take It Offline

If you have decided that it’s time to address one of these negative real estate agent review posts, you need to do so in a calm way.┬áDon’t start an argument or get defensive. Offer to meet with them or speak with them on the phone to get more information about why they are unhappy. Protect their privacy and your own by taking the discussion offline to be handled elsewhere. In some cases, this is enough to convince the client to update their post or remove it completely once they have your attention.

Post Your Own Update

Once the issue has been resolved to the best of your ability, post your own update under their real estate agent review. Explain simply what happened, where the error was, methenolone enanthate bodybuilding and what you did to help them fix it. Don’t shy away from owning up to your mistakes. Seeing that you learned from your mistakes and that you will do better in the future makes you relatable and builds confidence in your clients.

You Can’t Win Every Battle

The reality is that buying a house is a stressful situation that can have a huge impact on a person’s life and finances. The stress of the situation is enough to set some people on edge and make them inconsolable no matter what you say or do. It can also make them cast blame upon you even for situations that are completely beyond your control. If a client is not willing to work with you at all to resolve an issue, the best you can do is explain your understanding of what happened and bow out of the conversation before it escalates any further, but not until you have tried to make it better.

Responding to any negative real estate agent review is a difficult task. It requires patience and understanding, but if you are able to reach a positive resolution, you are likely to gain even more positive praise from customers who now see that you are willing to go above and beyond to keep them happy. A negative real estate agent review can turn positive overnight by simply reaching out.

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