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How Quickly Can I Get My Real Estate Commission?

Real estate agents often work harder and longer hours than individuals in other occupations as they deal with fluctuating residential and commercial real estate markets.  They frequently work nights and weekends as required by their clients’ schedules.  Traveling to several locations is also part of the job requirement.  Weekend open h...Read more

Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate

Commercial real estate is all about generating income. Whether your client wants to sell or buy multiple family units, retail space or industrial property, he or she wants to generate income.  Residential real estate focuses on the individual living in the property. Thus, when a client is interested in buying or selling residential spa...Read more

Growing Your Business With Real Estate Networking

Since the housing market is far different today than it was during the days of the real estate boom, it has become essential for agents to understand how to grow their business. For those who watch television, listen to the radio, or see promotional ads to attract customers, you’re probably aware how saturated the real estate mar...Read more

Real Estate Marketing Tips for Beginners

There is no substitute for marketing – that, every businessman knows. For real estate agents, the pressure is even greater because all your earnings come from commissions which are only paid for completed sales. And you never complete sales if you don’t market. Yet marketing in itself can be quite challenging. For instance, if yo...Read more

How Do You Become a Real Estate Agent?

While the distinctions vary from place to place, the question can be asked broadly – how do you become a real estate agent? It’s a great question and one that has a few general rules worth following. You will need to find out rules specific to your state and area, but here are some starting points to help answer the question, “Ho...Read more

5 Things That Can Slow the Process When Selling a House

People often think that real estate offers agents loads of money and that all agents are successful, while buyers always get their dream homes. But this is not always true; the real estate industry can be a very competitive industry and the competition is always fierce. There are many factors that can prevent real estate agents from re...Read more

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