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Secrets of a Successful Real Estate Agent

Anyone can be a real estate agent, but not everyone can become a successful real estate agent. It goes beyond just being licensed or working with the best brokerage. Those who’ve been in the industry long enough attribute their success to a combination of tools, technologies, and tricks that they’ve learned over years of hard work.

Here are 5 secrets of successful real estate agents:

1.       Successful agents know that networks aren’t networks until they’re bringing in sales

When starting out as an agent, you’ll be advised by every professional to develop relationships and networks. What they will not tell you is what exactly you should expect of your networks. Successful agents know that networks must bring in sales, so as you add professionals to your circles you must first ask yourself what this new body brings to the network. The goal should be to add at least six business networks in different industries and receive referrals.

2.       Nurture past relationships

What happens when a past client needs to move again? Simple, they will typically try to reach the agent who helped them the first time. When you work so hard to acquire new clients, you can’t afford to lose these clients so easily. Successful agents will employ unique strategies to keep in touch with clients post-closing. Sign them up for your email newsletter or mailed newsletter, ask them for referrals and thank everyone from whom you receive a referral.

3.       Audit your business periodically

Which business goes unaudited? If you’re treating your job as a business, you need to understand the figures driving your sales. How much is each transaction earning you? Where are the majority of your clients coming from? What processes and transactions are costing you the most? What projects, skills, education, and credentials can you seek to improve the business

4.       Work with a marketing plan

At the beginning of your financial year, you need to work on your goals for the New Year. Successful agents will set achievable, measurable goals and work hard towards these goals. Part of your plans should be to work with an exhaustive marketing strategy primarily focused on achieving your end of year goals. See if you need to increase your advertising or if you need to change advertising channels. To be successful, you must be able to identify where your sales are coming from and work hard to reach everyone in that section of the market.

5.       Stay in touch with industry trends

If you want to be successful in real estate, you must learn to stay ahead of the competition. When new trends emerge, you should be one of the first few people hearing about it. You need firsthand information on new construction sales, influx of investors, short sales, international sales and the like. There is only one way to achieve this: read extensively and attend conferences, webinars, and other real estate events.

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