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7 Tips for Building Out Your Real Estate Business Plan

There are certainly many aspects to real estate that are entirely unpredictable. However, not every facet of your career has to be unpredictable. In fact, there are many things that you have control over and that you should take the time to plan carefully. One of the most effective planning tools is a real estate business plan. Your bu...Read more

How to Be a Good Real Estate Agent for Your Clients

When working as real estate agent, you have a lot of different things to keep track of that cover a wide range of areas. Aside from the business end of your job concerning properties, you also have to know how to handle customers well. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best ways to be a good real estate agent for your...Read more

Real Estate Client Management Tips for Agents

Keeping up with your contacts and making sure their pertinent information is up to date is important. Even if you’re cataloging the weakest of leads, you need to do it correctly. That’s because you form a relationship with your clients. Like any good relationship, you should stay current on how your clients are doing. Here are some bas...Read more

What You Need to Know When Selling Luxury Real Estate

Real estate agents focus on finding clients the perfect home to fit their personality and character and the unique needs of their individual family.  However not all of the homes on the market will be feasible for the average client, so how do you face the challenges of selling a luxury real estate property?  Since luxury real estate l...Read more

Choosing the Right Real Estate Brokerage

New real estate agents face quite a few choices before they can set up shop and start doing business. One of the first choices they have to make is just which real estate brokerage they will work for. You will need a sponsor, but you shouldn’t just jump into any group that presents itself to you. You need to choose the right real estat...Read more

What to Include on Your Real Estate Agent Profile

Setting up a new real estate agent profile on your website or social media is tricky for both new agents and seasoned agents alike. Whether you’ve been doing this for years, or it’s your first go-around, you’ll find these tips on what to include in your real estate agent profile helpful. Lay out your background – but keep some informat...Read more

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