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What to Include on Your Real Estate Agent Profile

Setting up a new real estate agent profile on your website or social media is tricky for both new agents and seasoned agents alike. Whether you’ve been doing this for years, or it’s your first go-around, you’ll find these tips on what to include in your real estate agent profile helpful.

Lay out your background – but keep some information to yourself

As potential clients read your real estate agent profile, you want them to have a good idea of your skill set and experience, but you don’t want to overwhelm them with information. Stick to your main successes and assets. Bullet points are easier to read and allow readers to quickly scan to see if you’re a match for their needs and are more likely to get results.

Get right to the point

You don’t want to include too much information, and you don’t want to make your readers work to find what they want. Don’t bury your leads! Start off with the most important information first. If you’ve won an award, that should be the first thing you mention. If you have years of experience, state that up front. Your potential clients are reading your real estate agent profile to see where you stand out. Show them right away!

Be specific

If you have years of experience, then make sure your real estate agent profile is as specific as possible. It’s not enough to simply say, “Worked on hundreds of deals.” Instead, be specific! Something like, “Successfully helped hundreds of buyers find the home of their dreams in the Fresno area” gives a lot more information than the former sentence. Give specific numbers when possible, including the specific number of sales you’ve handled, the number of clients you’ve had, or your ranking within various local organizations.

If you’re new to real estate, you can still be specific. For example, think about a sentence like, “I’m willing to go the extra mile for you!” What would a potential client learn from that? Not much – and you aren’t likely to find any agents who won’t claim to go the extra mile. Instead, give a specific example of something you’re willing to do. It may be something like, “Available for appointments after hours and on weekends.” Let your potential clients know exactly what you’ll do for them!

Resist the urge to sell

There’s no question that the purpose of your real estate agent profile is to sell your services to potential clients. However, it shouldn’t read like a sales pitch. Instead, give the pertinent information needed. Your goal at this level is to get clients to contact you. They’d rather contact an agent who seems like a relatable person, whose experience is clearly outlined, and who keeps it simple. Your profile should include:

  • Contact information
  • Background
  • Stats if applicable
  • A professional photo

If you stick to these simple tips and keep it professional from beginning to end, your potential clients will get all the information they need to choose you as their next agent!

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