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7 Tips for New Real Estate Agents

Understanding Real Estate Commission

Real estate agents are called salespersons for a reason; their primary role is to sell. If a homeowner is looking to sell their home, the agent should be the first person to know about it. And they should also be the first to know about potential clients looking to buy a home. In short, new agents must quickly grasp the basics of real estate, and to do so one must invest in industry tools and technologies, and find ways of advancing their education as they rise through the ranks.

If you’re a new agent trying to find your way around the congested market, here are 7 tips on how to boost your career.

1.       Build yourself as a brand

This usually starts with finding a reputable company to hang your license. Ensure that the company you choose is experienced and well respected in the industry. Then get out and embark on marketing yourself as a brand within the brokerage. In real estate, consumers identify more with the agent than the company they work for. Find ways of being different and develop a tagline that represents your unique position. When consumers think of real estate, they should think of you.

2.       Learn to sell your knowledge

You want to present yourself to your clients as a person they can rely on for all their real estate needs. Arm yourself with details like transaction terms, disclosures, housing laws, and legal knowledge. Polish up on these areas before you make contact with the client. You can also demonstrate your mastery by giving away handouts and home buyer guides.

3.       Narrow your area of specialty

Real estate can be a broad industry with a  range of options and possibilities. To avoid getting lost in the confusion, it is advisable to identify an area that interests you most and focus primarily on this area. For example, you can specialize  in fore closures or you may decide to delve into investment sales or commercial leasing.

4.       Advance your education

After deciding which way you want to go, the next thing to do is to  educate yourself. Learning about these topics in depth from industry experts will better equip you for real situations.   Additionally, by taking courses to advance your skills and better your understanding of the industry, you will learn to view these courses not as boring requirements but as doors to new groups of potential customers.

5.       Socialize and build relationships

Set aside an hour or so each day and spend this time socializing and building relationships. And although it’s still important to network with prospects and clients through face-to-face meetings, agents can no longer afford to miss out social networks and social media in general.

6.       Make use of commission advances

For many agents, it can be weeks or even months before they get paid from their latest sale. Successful agents often turn to commission advances to get their money as soon as possible. This allows them to have money available for marketing materials, growing your business, and other expenses.

7.       Be professional

Last and most importantly, real estate agents are professionals and therefore must carry themselves as such. Professionals treat people honestly and fairly, they tackle challenges head-on and correct mistakes as soon as they learn about them. In everything you do, you

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