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Social Media for Real Estate Agents: The Basics

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Real estate agents looking for an edge over competitors can benefit enormously from popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest. These tools have become increasingly essential for matching buyers and sellers of almost all industries. Social media opens the door for establishing relationships before even meeting with clients. The following tips about social media for real estate agents can help build loyalty and trust with your followers:

Share Information

Engaging with your market through social media should be more informative than persuasive. You need to share as much information about what the client is seeking as possible to the point they want to come back to you to get further information. Linking to an “about us” page is a great way to introduce yourself. If you write a series of blogs about real estate, be sure to link to those relevant pages as well. Consider using Facebook’s “event” feature to promote open houses and send invitations to individuals who have shown interest through previous conversations.

Get Visual on Facebook

The popularity of Facebook makes it an important platform for real estate agents. Many people wake up and scroll through their news feed, which in many ways, has become everyone’s personalized newspaper. Take advantage of the fact that eyeballs are already searching for appealing photos. Don’t assume that Facebook is just for pleasure, as it has become a business tool that is just as important as LinkedIn. Facebook is one of the first places people turn to in the morning before going to work as they gather information to share with friends. It allows you to directly communicate with people in real time about your properties.

The best way to get people’s attention is with colorful photos that stand out. If all your posts are just text, your Facebook page may not get as much response. The reason is simple. Most people don’t have time to read all the posts on their news feed, so they scroll through it looking for interesting items, particularly visually appealing photos, which are easy to absorb.

Create YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the most powerful social media tools for real estate agents because it tells your story visually and provides the details that qualified home buyers are looking for. Virtual tours are exciting and allow home buyers to research properties without leaving their homes. These videos can also provide scenery of the neighborhood and attractions in the surrounding areas. Each video should be narrated by an informative real estate agent who addresses issues that concern potential buyers. The videos should be tagged with keywords that relate to the geography and type of property for sale such as “San Diego” and “three bedroom home.”

A Call to Action

One of the most essential reasons for engaging with clients and prospects on social media for real estate agents is to provide a call to action statement or link, especially to a form that gathers information or an online application. The whole point of engaging with followers on social media is to lead them through your sales funnel naturally, answering their questions without a sales pitch. Do not forget to link to your contact page, which is another form of call to action. Once you’ve got the attention of your followers on social media, you can continue to market new properties to them and stay in touch with potential customers.

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