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The Advantages of Commission Advances for Real Estate Agents

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The commission advance for real estate agents is a way to turn your pending commissions into real cash. Waiting for months to collect real estate commissions at closing involves a lot of strain on your resources. Commission advances for real estate agents were created  to bridge the gap between contract signings and closings and to allow agents to keep their business growing.

Here are some of the advantages you can look forward to when you take out a real estate commission advance:

  • Cost-efficiency – One of the biggest disadvantages you face when working as a real estate agent is the long time you must wait to receive your commissions. Each transaction entails a lot of resources, including time and money, which, at one point or another, can be exhausted. Although agents may have pending commissions, sometimes they simply cannot function without an immediate cash infusion. Without a commission advance, agents experience tremendous downtime that costs money and opportunities.
  • Quick Approval – This alternative type of funding does not involve tons of paperwork or bank meetings in order to get approved. In fact, commission advances for real estate agents involve a very simple application and approval process that gets you the money you need, fast. Most of our applicants are approved the very same day they’ve applied, and get paid right away. In addition, there is no credit check performed, so you do not have to worry about how your credit rating might impact your ability to get a commission advance.
  • Reduced Business Debts – Waiting for months to get paid their commissions, real estate agents may accumulate more and more debt just trying to keep their business afloat. These are difficult times, but many of us have faced a similar situation at one point or another. IA commission advance for real estate agents helps you reduce business debt at reasonable rates. If you were to calculate how much debt you would accumulate in the three months waiting for your commission to the fee charged by a commission advance company, you’ll see why getting an advance is a great option.
  • Marketing – All companies and agents need to market themselves and their properties if they want to remain at the forefront of the industry. The competition is so tough in the real estate industry that constant marketing efforts are required. Since marketing comes at a cost that you cannot afford while you are still waiting to get paid, applying for a commission advance may just be the solution you are looking for.
  • Improved Cash Flow – Your business involves expenses for nurturing new business and enhancing growth. Because of the delays in getting paid your commission, many agents experience rough times financially and often end up giving up their careers in the field. A commission advance for real estate agents provides that necessary cash infusion to keep your business and career afloat and ultimately growing.

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