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The Top 6 Biggest Real Estate Agent Expenses

Being a real estate agent is an outstanding way to make a living. The money making potential is limitless, and you get the freedom to work in the way that you prefer to. Like all independent careers, being a real estate agent does come with its expenses. Here are the top 6 bigge…

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How to Manage Cash Flow as a Real Estate Agent

For many real estate agents, the most difficult part of the job isn’t selling houses or finding new clients. Rather, it’s managing cash flow. Real estate is unlike nearly every other business in the world. As you know, there are no regular paychecks. There are only c…

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How Quickly Can I Get My Real Estate Commission?

Real estate agents often work harder and longer hours than individuals in other occupations as they deal with fluctuating residential and commercial real estate markets.  They frequently work nights and weekends as required by their clients’ schedules.  Traveling to several loca…

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Premier Commission LLC

How Premier Commission Compares to Other Commission Advance Companies

Premier Commission is one of the most trusted commission advance companies in the United States. We are dedicated to supporting real estate agents and brokers in their efforts to receive their hard-earned commission in a quick, and cost-efficient manner. Employing a unique blend…

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Home For Sale

The Advantages of Commission Advances for Real Estate Agents

The commission advance for real estate agents is a way to turn your pending commissions into real cash. Waiting for months to collect real estate commissions at closing involves a lot of strain on your resources. Commission advances for real estate agents were created  to bridge…

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Commission Advance Services

4 Reasons Agents Use Commission Advance Services

The whole purpose of commission advances is to allow agents to receive their commission any time after getting a signed contract without having to wait until closing, which can be up to 120 days away! Waiting for the commission has many obvious and concealed costs that agents an…

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