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How Premier Commission Compares to Other Commission Advance Companies

Premier Commission LLC

Premier Commission is one of the most trusted commission advance companies in the United States. We are dedicated to supporting real estate agents and brokers in their efforts to receive their hard-earned commission in a quick, and cost-efficient manner. Employing a unique blend of advanced technology and expertise, Premier Commission focuses on providing clients with cash flow solutions that enhance their everyday business and career needs. Here are a few reasons why you should use Premier Commission to advance your commission, whether you are a thriving real estate agent, a newcomer in the real estate industry, or a broker going through a rough time:

  • Unlike other commission advance companies, Premier Commission does not charge clients anything more than the discount fee. The commission fee is calculated depending on the number of days until closing day. Premier Commission does not charge reserve holdbacks, administration fees, minimum or maximum fees, or exit fees. Our transparent process makes Premier Commission one of the most trusted commission advance companies in the United States.
  • In addition, we provide several commission advances on the same transaction. We also provide multiple advances across different transactions for the same agent or broker.   This allows brokers and real estate agents to gain quick access to their pending commission money, and manage their businesses better. It is a great advantage in an industry defined by a flourishing competitive spirit.
  • Premier Commission does not perform credit checks on our clients, since their commission advances are not considered loans but more like sales transactions. As real estate agents and brokers essentially sell their pending commissions, there is no loan involved and therefore no credit checks.
  • One of the features that clients appreciate the most when working with Premier Commission is the same-day approval process. With no credit checks and very little paperwork, Premier Commission helps a growing number of clients get through difficult financial times and receive cash on their commission quickly – saving their businesses and their careers. Application is very simple and clients get approved within 24 hours or less.
  • In addition, there is no minimum or maximum size commission to get approved with Premier Commission. That usually doesn’t happen with other commission advance companies, which charge a minimum fee or impose a minimum size commission in order to get approved. Premier Commission does not have minimum or maximum limits.

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