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Real Estate Client Management Tips for Agents

Keeping up with your contacts and making sure their pertinent information is up to date is important. Even if you’re cataloging the weakest of leads, you need to do it correctly. That’s because you form a relationship with your clients. Like any good relationship, you should stay current on how your clients are doing. Here are some basic tips for real estate client management.

1. Invest in a Decent CRM or Contact Management Software

At the very least you should have some type of contact management software to do most of the lifting for you. A full CRM solution may cost more than software dedicated strictly to contact management, but you definitely need on or the other.

You should not find yourself tediously typing contact information into a spreadsheet. You don’t have the time for that! One thing to remember is that there are tons of this kind of software out there. To narrow down your search for the one that’s right for you, try this:

• Look for real estate specific software
• See what software your colleagues at the brokerage use
• Do research, try out some trial software before making a purchase

There are a few other things to consider as well. You want your software available to you in forms other than just on your PC or laptop. Look for software that has a cloud aspect or mobile app so you can access your information anywhere and at any time.

2. Keep an Active Website

It’s easy to let the website page from your brokerage carry you, but you absolutely should have your own website. It’s a good idea in general, but for managing clients, it’s imperative.

These days, most people will find you online before they ever think to visit you or call you. This creates a good opportunity for you to gather information from people.

• Keep a mailing list, preferably one that integrates into your CRM
• Allow people to update their own information on your website
• Always leave calls to action on your website to allow potential clients to send you information

If you set these things up right, your contact management software will become dynamic. Integrating software with your website will help you to keep your contact list up to date.

3. Communicate with Your Clients

Those leads, those people you met at the party, the random person that responded to an outdated ad, these are all potential clients. If you have them in your list of contacts, then you should make sure that you periodically let them know that you’re still around.

You should communicate regularly with your active clients, but you should also make sure that you occasionally attempt to speak to your inactive clients as well.

• Keep an email list and actually use it to send newsletters or updates
• Look for missing information in your contact list and see if you can obtain it
• Make sure you periodically contact clients to ask for updates or changes in their information
Don’t do these things just for the sake of doing them. You should try to offer some value to your communications. Also, keep in mind that it’s not all about gathering info from them. You also want to keep them informed as well.

The Cost of Real Estate Client Management

Given that there are peaks and valleys in your cash flow, you may not have sufficient cash to pay for these expenses while waiting for your commission. A great option is to consider a commission advance from Premier Commission LLC, which will provide you with the needed funds to run your business. Contact us today for more information!

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