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Growing Your Business With Real Estate Networking

Since the housing market is far different today than it was during the days of the real estate boom, it has become essential for agents to understand how to grow their business.

For those who watch television, listen to the radio, or see promotional ads to attract customers, you’re probably aware how saturated the real estate market is. Of course we cannot forget the drastic changes due to tactics like predatory lending conducted by mortgage companies. Fortunately, today’s housing market offers numerous options to ensure that agents and buyers alike are on an even plane.

Many realtors now take full advantage of the valuable tools available through online marketing. Today the internet and other media sources are leading the way in real estate promotions. Social media has opened up a plethora of avenues with regard to selling and purchasing property. For instance, with over 1 billion members, Facebook is a hotbed for advertising properties, while real estate listing sites like Zillow offer other opportunities to promote your listings.

For years, the real estate market has been in dire straits when it comes to sales tactics. These days, real estate professionals need to employ additional networking techniques to promote their services and attract more clientele. It is vital to understand which methods are best for growing your business with real estate networking, since your income revolves around real estate commissions.

Here are some strategies to employ to make online real estate networking work for you:

  • Don’t tell clients what to do, but rather inform them on how to properly do something. Building trust with your potential customers is important so they will see you as an authority when they have a real estate question.
  • Avoid engaging in shameless self-promotion on social media. Instead, offer your support as a real estate expert. This technique is less intimidating, and customers are more apt to engage in conversation with agents. Try to make your social media presence unique by offering house hunting or selling tips, contests, promotions and more.
  • Utilize the vast advantage of social media by uploading 360 degree pictures and/or video of the properties you are selling. This will allow potential buyers to get a detailed look at your listings and encourage more showings.
  • Lastly, dedicate time to engaging in conversation with your audience online every day in order to build a solid customer base.

There are various ways to grow your business through real estate networking, but keep in mind that today’s housing market requires more cost effective approaches. If you need your commission today so you can start networking and marketing your business and properties successfully, contact Premier Commission. Our commission advance services are here to get you the cash you need to continue the success of your real estate business.

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