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Real Estate Marketing Tips for Beginners

There is no substitute for marketing – that, every businessman knows. For real estate agents, the pressure is even greater because all your earnings come from commissions which are only paid for completed sales. And you never complete sales if you don’t market.

Yet marketing in itself can be quite challenging. For instance, if you still use point-and shoot cameras, you shouldn’t expect your listing’s photographs to attract as many prospects. In any case, why would they struggle to catch you details when there are several other sharper listing photographs to look at?

It’s a very competitive market and agents should be ready to make the step up. Here are a few marketing ideas for beginner real estate agents:

Develop a website

The significance of a business website cannot be over-stressed – if you’re an agent and are keen on succeeding, you just MUST have a website. These are several aspects of web design that you’ll need to take keen interest in mostly relating to user experience. Simply put, ensure that your website is easy to use and engaging. Do everything you can to keep your visitors coming back; create a blog, post helpful content and keep your blog fresh.

Keep contact with all clients

Start by compiling a list of all your past, current, and potential clients and storing their contact information safely. There are several apps in the market that can help with contact management. Once you have the contact information recorded, make it a point to contact each of client periodically. You shouldn’t contact them every few days but it’s also unadvisable to wait for whole year to pass without making contact. A call, email newsletter, or flyer delivered to their home every few month is enough to keep you top of mind when it comes to real estate agents.

Network whenever you get the opportunity

You should never wait for opportunities to come to you; instead, go out and find people to network with. Annual dinners, events, seminars, classes, and conventions are all places where you’re likely to find the right people to add to your network. Additionally, join local organizations and civic groups and do volunteer work whenever possible. Building relationships with the local residents is important to the success of your real estate business.

Be professional

So, what makes one a professional? Simple – professionals take responsibility for their actions. Firstly, a professional real estate agent knows the responsibilities that come with their position and approaches their job with the seriousness that it deserves. Professionals are also good managers of their time and resources and will only make promises that they can keep.

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