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How To Stage a Home For Sale

How Agents Get Paid

It is no secret that anyone with a home for sale wants to sell their property as fast as possible, for the best possible price. Having a home on the market for too long can leave you holding onto real estate for months and even years longer than you might like. One of the biggest secrets to selling a home as a real estate agent is maki...Read more

How Much Should I Spend on My Real Estate Marketing Materials?

Types of Deals That Qualify for a Commission Advance

Knowing how much to spend on real estate marketing materials for your own real estate business can be difficult. Spending too much is a waste, but spending to little could result in lower earnings. But, a little marketing research can help you estimate the correct amount. Estimate is the operable word, because a good estimate is the be...Read more

Social Media for Real Estate Agents: The Basics

How Real Estate Commission Advances Work

Real estate agents looking for an edge over competitors can benefit enormously from popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest. These tools have become increasingly essential for matching buyers and sellers of almost all industries. Social media opens the door for establishing relationship...Read more

7 Tips for New Real Estate Agents

Understanding Real Estate Commission

Real estate agents are called salespersons for a reason; their primary role is to sell. If a homeowner is looking to sell their home, the agent should be the first person to know about it. And they should also be the first to know about potential clients looking to buy a home. In short, new agents must quickly grasp the basics of real ...Read more

Why Professional Real Estate Photography Is a Good Investment

Real Estate Alphabet

When listing a new home, real estate agents often think about curbside appeal, selling price, and the local market but too few agents spend enough time truly considering professional photography services. Today, home buyers aren’t starting their new home search in an agent’s office. They are starting their home buying journ...Read more

How Premier Commission Compares to Other Commission Advance Companies

Premier Commission LLC

Premier Commission is one of the most trusted commission advance companies in the United States. We are dedicated to supporting real estate agents and brokers in their efforts to receive their hard-earned commission in a quick, and cost-efficient manner. Employing a unique blend of advanced technology and expertise, Premier Commission ...Read more

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