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Why Professional Real Estate Photography Is a Good Investment

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When listing a new home, real estate agents often think about curbside appeal, selling price, and the local market but too few agents spend enough time truly considering professional photography services. Today, home buyers aren’t starting their new home search in an agent’s office. They are starting their home buying journey online. To grab the most attention, earn the best price, and create home buying buzz, you need professionally staged real estate photography.

Create a Great First Impression

It’s a known fact that today’s home buyers start their search online, but researchers have found that more specifically, home buyers spend the first twenty seconds looking at a home listing analyzing the home’s exterior shot. If your home has a lackluster exterior shot, most home buyers won’t bother looking at other photographs or gathering other information about the home. Grabbing home buyers attention with an exterior shot that maximizes the home’s positive attributes and downplays any potential negatives through real estate photography can instantly increase interest in a home.

Professional Photography can Stage a House

All agents know the benefits of a well-staged home. The right furnishings and decorations can help homebuyers visualize themselves in the space, framing the floor plan to suit their needs. Real estate photography can provide that same service to online home browsers. A professional photographer can snap pictures that properly display the space using natural lighting and flattering angles of the home’s rooms. Instead of staring at dark hallways or awkward kitchen angles, home buyers can see the home properly.

Better Equipment = Better Results 

Using a high quality point and shoot camera may seem good enough for some agents, but savvy real estate agents know that high quality shots require high quality equipment. Professional real estate photographers have training and experience in using professional grade equipment to produce the best pictures. By optimizing the room’s dimensions and natural lighting, professional real estate photographers are able to transform a drab room into a must-see home.

They’re not Photographs, They’re a Lifestyle

Professional photographers understand that pictures are worth a thousand words because they tell a story. Professional real estate photographs don’t just show a kitchen or a walk-in closet, they portray a lifestyle that the home buyer can have in that space. The exterior shot isn’t brick and mortar but a neighborhood where kids can play on the lawn or a couple may go for a walk. Professional photographers tell the story of a home and the lifestyle it commands to potential home buyers.

Create Share-Worthy Shots

Rarely are home buying decisions made when a family walks into a home. Often, buyers tour a home and then turn to friends and family for input. When home buyers are forced to show their loved ones grainy photographs or dark shots, the flaws of a home are highlighted, rather than all of its great attributes. Professional real estate photography allows home buyers to share clear and concise pictures that create a flattering and accurate portrayal of the home.

Real estate agents who want to sell  homes and give home buyers a true appraisal of a home from their computer screens need a professional real estate photographer. Not only do high quality photos generate more interest in a home but they also allow buyers to put in offers with confidence. To increase your productivity, turn to a professional real estate photographer for the best pictures possible.

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