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5 Real Estate Marketing Tools You Should Use Today

Assuming that you already own a business website where you refer your clients for additional tips, guides, e-books, and other resourceful materials, what are some of the other innovative tools you should be looking to add to your locker in a bid to increase sales?

Well, there are countless tools out there so it can be difficult to pinpoint which ones are better than others. The situation is made even more complex when you consider the fact that real estate is so wide and most of these tools are designed for specific areas of the industry. For example, there are tools specifically designed for email marketing and then there are those for editing listing photographs. Surely, you can’t compare these two sets of tools or recommend one over the other because both are very important to the real estate agent.

However, there are 5 sets of tools that every real estate expert will usually recommend to new agents.  These are tools that many consider a MUST-HAVE if you are to be successful in this industry. The five are:

1. Video cameras and image editing software

The first thing every real estate agent needs to invest in is professional photography. You realize that you’ll be dealing with images and videos a lot and you’re not alone in the market so you need to stand out by posting very high quality photos and videos. Agents need two types of videos; virtual tour videos which are actual videos of the property and agent videos for passing helpful information to your customers. Luckily, the latest smartphones and digital cameras have impressive video capabilities and will save you from buying a separate camera.

2. Email Marketing Software

Email marketing is a great way to send new listings to your potential customers and keep them updated with news, events and open houses. Constant Contract and Mail Chimp are two great email marketing platforms that can help you create professional-looking emails in a flash.

3. Social media

Social media has changed the way real estate marketing is done. Today, a significant portion of sales originate from Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and Pinterest among others. Remember that just as the name suggests, social media is about getting social – interacting with your following. Take some time to reply to tweets and comments, be helpful to your friends and followers, and make your posts a little informal; you don’t want to create another office on Facebook.

4. Trulia and Zillow accounts

If you don’t have a Trulia or Zillow account by now, you’re missing out big time. eBay and Craigslist are two other websites where you will find listings for homes both within and outside your state. And to make maximum use of these listing websites, you can use to syndicate your listings. All the websites listed here are free to use.

5. A Blog

Consistently adding new posts to your blog that contain valuable and relevant information for your clients is great for business. You can build up your authority in your local real estate space by offering tips, market predictions, posting videos, images, and many other types of content. Share your knowledge and engage with any users who ask questions.

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