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How Quickly Can I Get My Real Estate Commission?

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Real estate agents often work harder and longer hours than individuals in other occupations as they deal with fluctuating residential and commercial real estate markets.  They frequently work nights and weekends as required by their client’s schedules.  Traveling to several locations is also part of the job requirement.  Weekend open houses are regular commitments.  The administrative portion of real estate is challenging, demanding the proper preparation, coordination, and signing of a variety of legally binding documents.  Continuing education, insurance, and licensing contribute to an agent’s financial output.

Even with all of this hard work, a real estate agent’s payday isn’t weekly, or even biweekly.  Payday is in the future, on the day of closing, which could be a couple of weeks, a month, or much longer.  If you are an agent asking yourself, how quickly can I get my real estate commission?  The answer is, within 24 hours.  Agents are now able to get a commission advance from Premier Commission, and eliminate the financial strain of waiting for payday.

Premier Commission allows agents and brokers to receive their hard earned commissions almost immediately following the signing of the paperwork.  Premier Commission can assist with the cash flow needs of agents and brokers promptly and efficiently.  The process is uncomplicated and agents and brokers are able to continue managing their businesses unencumbered with financial delays.

No Restrictions

Premier Commission advances commissions across the United States on a wide range of real estate deals, including:

  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Leases
  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Resales
  • New Home Sales
  • New/Pre-Construction Condo Sales

Commissions can be advanced any time after the paperwork has been signed.  There are no minimum or maximum size commission advance restrictions.  There are no application or administrative fees, no wire fees, and no reserve holdbacks, generally required by other companies.  Brokers and agents can get advances on all numerous pending deals and advances can be repaid prior to closing without penalty.


Cash flow difficulties can hamper your business management and growth as a real estate agent.  Debts that go unpaid incur penalties.  A commission advance can allow individuals to continue to invest and cultivate their business and finance marketing costs.  Business expenses can be paid and debts can be lowered.  Instead of putting current financial obligations on hold, agents and brokers are free to continue working for another commission opportunity. So, how quickly can I get my real estate commission?  Is tomorrow soon enough?  Apply online at today.

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