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How Do You Become a Real Estate Agent?

While the distinctions vary from place to place, the question can be asked broadly – how do you become a real estate agent? It’s a great question and one that has a few general rules worth following. You will need to find out rules specific to your state and area, but here are some starting points to help answer the question, “How do you become a real estate agent?”

Location: Where do you want to be licensed? Where do you think you are going to have the most success selling homes? Would you like to sell high end luxury homes in a competitive urban market? Or are you more to the tempo of relaxed, southern, suburban living? Or do you see big changes happening in the Great Plains states? You’re probably going to want to work where you live now or where you plan to move to, but make sure you know a thing or two about your location before you take the leap.

Learning: Once you’ve decided where then you need to figure what you need to do. How you become a real estate agent in California may be very different than how you do so in South Dakota. You need to contact your state’s real estate commission to figure the requirements for licensing and then start studying!

Brokerage: Another thing you’ll need the backing of once you have your licensing out of the way is a brokerage office to work from. If you see XYZ Brokerage in your town, and they have a need for agents, call them up and introduce yourself.

You will also want to know things like any further requirements for working at this brokerage, how long the brokerage has been in business, how long you will have to work before you can begin making money, and how this brokerage versus others generates leads.  It’s all about relationships in real estate; you need to be as comfortable with them as the agency is with you.

Licensure: Once you are licensed, there are going to be further tests and screening you’ll have to go through. You will have to take national exams, state exams, and any other requirements to work at the office you’re considering.

Agent/Realtor: If you are just looking for answers for how do you become a real estate agent, that’s one thing. If the office you’re working out of wants you to become a Realtor, that’s something else. You need to join the National Association of Realtors for the latter so make sure you know what you’re signing up for.

Clients: Once you’ve done all the prep work then it’s all about building a book of clients. Many times you will wait months or years to reap the fruit of a good lead.

Keep your expectations grounded, keep your attention sharp, and make sure you do everything you can to be the very best real estate agent you can be! Once you’ve become a licensed agent, keep Premier Commission in mind for those times when you could use some help with your cash flow. We’ve helped hundreds of agents across the US get their commissions without the hassle of waiting until the closing date. Call us today at 1-866-309-5582 for more information.


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