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Understanding Real Estate Commission

A Guide to Real Estate Commissions

There is no doubt that real estate commissions are hard-earned money. An agent works a lot to help buyers and sellers locate and sell   properties, often including a lot of negotiation, listing the home, assessing the asking price, showing the home, mediating between sellers and…

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6 Tips For Choosing a Commission Advance Company

6 Tips for Choosing Real Estate Commission Advance Companies

Why should you have to wait until closing day to get paid your commission on a real estate sale you’ve just made? Why stay awake at night worrying about your business expenses until the day comes to receive your hard-earned commission? The solution is very simple: real estate co…

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The Real Deal

The Real Deal – Premier Commission Featured Once Again

Premier Commission now offering real estate commission advances in New York has created quite the buzz. In addition to being featured in Real Estate Weekly we have now been featured in one of New York’s most prominent real estate publications “The Real Deal”. O…

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Real Estate Alphabet

The Real Estate Alphabet: 26 Terms Every Realtor Needs to Know

These are the 26 terms that every agent needs to know. Let us know if knew all 26. If you want to help us add to the list share your ideas in the comments section. Adjustable Rate Mortgage is a mortgage that permits the lender to periodically adjust the interest rate so that t…

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Real Estate Weekly

Premier Commission LLC – Now in Metropolitan NY

With our official launch into the New York Metropolitan area this month, Premier Commission has caught the eye of the world’s most sophisticated real estate market.  To see the article click here.

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Making Your Commission Count

Making Your Commission Count – 5 Questions Realtors Should Ask Themselves

The most successful real estate agents are able to answer these 5 questions quickly and accurately. Finding the answers to these questions will help you to ensure you are maximizing your potential. 1.       How much do leads cost? This is something all agents should be aware of…

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