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The Types of Deals That Allow a Commission Advance on Real Estate Home Sales

Types of Deals That Qualify for a Commission Advance

A realtor commission advance helps agents and brokers in their efforts to succeed in the challenging real estate industry. It is not easy to maintain a healthy cash flow when there are significant gaps in receiving your real estate commission.

That is the main reason why so many realtors choose commission advances to cover their business expenses, pay their fees, and keep working throughout difficult times. For those who are new to realtor commission advances, one of the first questions that comes to mind is whether or not all types of deals allow such advances.

Deals That Allow Realtor Commission Advances

It is important to note that not all deals qualify for commission advances. There are the 3 main types of deals that allow for realtor commission advances:

1. Resale of residential homes

The resale of residential homes is one of the most common transactions in the real estate market. People sell their homes all the time and choose to downsize or move to a larger property. They also sell their homes because they want to move to another state or city or because they need the money. However, many agents tend to focus on these particular types of deals and that is why such deals are a primary source of commissions for the majority of real estate professionals.

2. Commercial and Industrial Deals

Selling a property that is going to be used for commercial or industrial purposes or even leasing out such a property is considered a commercial deal. Office spaces, warehouses, retail and restaurant spaces, apartment complexes, high-rise buildings, underdeveloped, raw, and rural land, or other non-residential properties are usually the subject of commercial real estate deals.

The resulting transactions allow brokers and agents commission advances, but not with all real estate commission advance companies. In addition, commercial leases also allow for real estate commission advances.

3. New and Pre-Construction Deals

New homes or condos or pre-construction condos or homes are also a popular choice for many new homeowners or investors. People choose new buildings because of the many benefits they offer. Such properties often have access to the latest building and construction technologies, are energy efficient, and boast exceptionally good prices.

They are good deals for buyers and sellers as well as for the agents who are receiving their commission. Such deals also allow broker and agent’s commission advances, although not all companies offer them.

Work with a Trusted Company

It is important to know that not all commission advance companies are the same. To make sure that you get the most of your realtor commission advance, you have to research the company you are working with and check their fee policy and other agreement conditions. Ensure that you work with a trustworthy company that does not charge anything more than the discount fee.

Be aware of hidden fees, such as administrative fees, minimum fees, or exit fees. You should not accept any other fees.  Be sure to check for companies that offer advances on different types of transactions across the real estate spectrum.

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