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Signs of Trustworthy Commission Advance Companies

Real estate is one of the most dynamic business sectors around, and it can sometimes be hard to predict how the market is going to behave. That’s part of what makes the industry so exciting, and when things are going in your favor, a constant income through commissions is always a source of satisfaction and a testament to your abilities as an agent. But when you need an advance on your commission, there’s still help you can get from commission advance companies.

But, as with any industry, there are companies out there that do honest business, help their clients and gain loyalty and growth over the years, and there are other businesses that might not be so helpful. How do you separate the commission advance company you can trust over the ones you can’t? Keep a lookout for these telltale signs.

No Surprises or Hidden Fees

A commission advance company, when it is professional and reputable, operates just like any other business. All the numbers should be obvious and upfront. If a company suddenly starts adding fees that weren’t clearly mentioned beforehand, or you find these fees buried in the fine print of the document, with no highlight or acknowledgement from the people you are dealing with, that’s a red flag that this may not be an honest, or professional company.

You should never find yourself paying more than you expected or agreed to. Take your business elsewhere if you find that this has happened.

Experience With Real Estate

Commissions come in many forms, so it’s not just realtors that benefit from this service. Other industries have similar needs on occasion. If you’re looking at a company that provides advances, you’ll get much better results—and more peace of mind—if you know that they have experience dealing with the needs of real estate agents and other people in the property industry.

If you interact with people at a commission advance company that are giving you the sense they don’t really understand what you do, or how finances work in the real estate industry, back away. Find someone with more experience.

Online Security

Most commission advance companies today try to make things more convenient by offering a fast, easy way to apply while online. This lets you avoid the hassle of having to come down to an office, and it means you can quickly provide all the necessary information required, often with a same-day approval turn-around rate.

However, in order to legitimately complete such a transaction, this requires that you volunteer sensitive information, such as banking, identification and financial details. Always make sure that if a commission advance company takes online applications, they have verified online security to protect your details.

If a commission advance company cannot make an assurance that your private financial and identification information isn’t protected, do not take the risk of exposing that information.

Research Their Reputation

Last, but far from least, good business breeds a good reputation. A commission advance company that claims to have been successfully practicing for many years will have the satisfied clients to prove it. Ask friends, peers, and other professional colleagues. Look online for reviews and recommendations. If you can find a long paper or digital trail showing this company’s successful track record, you’re in good hands.

Premier Commission is a professional, friendly, and trustworthy company to work with. Our experience and passion for helping real estate professionals make us one of the top-trusted names in commission advances. We offer excellent service with low rates, no hidden fees, and no surprises so you always know what to expect. Contact us today for more information.

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