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Things All Successful Real Estate Agents Do

The real estate market might be tough and competitive, but it’s also a great space for great success. When you’re in real estate, each agent has their own personality and style of getting things done, however those poised for success all share some common practices. Check out this top list of must-dos:

Build and Maintain a Great Network

Successful real estate agents understand that you can’t always wait for leads to come to you. They know that every potential client, contractor, lender, insurance provider is a connection and they establish themselves within their social networks. They also stay in touch with past clients- sending cards or listings and open-house information. Everyone inside a realtor’s network has the potential to refer a client or become a client, so it’s important to cultivate and maintain it. Real estate is about building relationships.

Stay Available Past Regular Hours

A cut-and-dried 9 to 5 schedule just isn’t typical of the real estate market, and successful real estate agents understand that they’re on the clock all the time. Whether it’s fitting in a showing or following up on a hot lead, agents must take a land, sea and air approach. Not only do they make immediate contact with potential clients, but they’re always there to answer questions and remain accessible through phone, email, text, skype or whatever method of preferred communication 24/7. With a robust network, new leads can come in at anytime, so an effective response level is necessary to close a deal.

Know Neighborhoods Inside and Out

Selling real estate is not just about selling land or buildings, it’s selling a new life. Clients don’t just want to know the details of a house, but is the neighborhood safe? Where’s the closest school? Is it public transit accessible? What are other properties selling for? Successful real estate agents are expected to be a “neighborhood expert” and possess intimate knowledge for both buyers and sellers. When selling to a family, know if there are other families in the area or playgrounds within close proximity. Positioning yourself as an expert on the area establishes trust and credibility.

Stay Up-To-Date on Digital and Technology

Part of being accessible is utilizing cutting-edge technology. Smartphones, iPads, unlimited data – whatever it takes to make sure realtors can work on the go and stay paperless. This also translates into paying top developers or SEO agents to create high-ranking websites or paid advertising campaigns. Nowadays, an online presence is invaluable. Most successful real estate agents are aware of digital trends like blogging and social media best practices, and the right technologies to carry those off.

When it comes to being a successful real estate agent, each professional has their own methodology. To stay competitive, realtors take these best practices and often incorporate them into what they’re already doing. Contact us at Premiere Commission to learn more today!

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