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Using Your Real Estate Open House Sign in Sheet Effectively

Using a real estate open house sign in sheet is the best way to collect a ton of data in a short amount of time about people who are interested in buying a specific house, and about people who are just shopping for homes in a general sense. Utilizing a sign in sheet effectively can not only increase your chances of selling that house much faster, but also provide a useful tool for reaching out to prospective clients that might be interested in other properties that you have for sale. 


The first step to making good use of your real estate open house sign in sheet is to make it readily available to anyone who is entering the property. By placing it on a counter or table in a very prominent part of the home, and making sure that you greet each customer and direct them toward the sign in sheet, you will have a better chance of collecting their contact information. Even better than a physical sign in sheet is to use one of the popular sign in apps now available on smart phones. This allows users to check in on their phones and share their information in a way that you can later access from anywhere with an internet connection. This is easy and convenient for both parties.

Be Respectful

Now that people have spent nearly a decade being bombarded with all kinds of spam and advertising over the phone and online, many are weary of giving out personal information to someone who is trying to sell a house. By showing visitors that you are going to respect their privacy and their space by not sending them unwanted ads and constant emails. You are more likely to get their information. Give them an option to turn down newsletters ahead of time so that they are only receiving the communications that they really want.

Examine The Data

Contact information is useful not just because it lets you reach potential customers, but also because it helps you identify shared characteristics among those customers. By reviewing the contact information, email addresses and other information that you gather, you will be able to develop a demographic picture of who your customers are and how you should be marketing that house.

Reach Out

Ideally, your open house will attract a ton of traffic, but realistically that house will not be perfect for every person that stops by. This could be because of space, price, or other features that are beyond your control. However, even if that individual is not interested in purchasing the house you are currently showing, their information on your real estate open house sign in sheet indicates that they are interested in buying something. You now have the chance to reach out to them and identify what they are looking for and try to offer them something that better fits their needs.

A successfully implemented real estate open house sign in sheet can provide limitless value for agents. It allows you to tighten up your marketing efforts on the house you are currently selling by providing information about people who are already interested, but it also opens up your customer base to people who are looking for something else instead. You can take advantage of both groups of people by following up with them and getting more information about their exact housing needs.

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