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How Real Estate Commission Advances Work

How Real Estate Commission Advances Work

The real estate market is a very challenging environment, especially in the United States. Real estate professionals, both agents and brokers, are required to invest a lot of time and money into their every deal. Oftentimes, the gap between the time of the sale and the time when their commission is received is so long that it doesn’t allow real estate agents to have a sufficient stream of income. The concept of real estate commission advances responds particularly to the needs of these agents who want to reinvest in their business but are in need of the income to do so.

The real estate commission advance helps realtors to get their commission immediately after the deal is closed. The realtor has the option to apply for a commission advance anytime between the time of the sale and the time of the closing. Ultimately, real estate commission advance companies provide realtors with an easier and more cost-effective way to collect their hard-earned commission fast without having to wait until the closing. Real estate commission advances become a much sought-after solution to the cash flow problems that so many brokers and agents are facing today.

Getting a real estate commission advance is quite a simple process that involves no, administrative fees, credit checks, reserves holdbacks, or hidden fees. You simply apply online, provide all the paperwork required by the real estate commission advance company and  get your commission.. Given that all conditions in the contract of sale are satisfied or waived, any type of real estate transaction is eligible for a commission advance.

Here are the simple steps to obtaining real estate commission advances:

1.        The real estate agent concludes a contract of sale.
2.       The agent fills out a quick online application form.
3.       Documents are emailed to the real estate commission advance company. A commission sale agreement is sent to the agent where it needs to be signed by both the agent and the brokerage..
4.       Money gets transferred into the agent’s account!

A real estate commission advance is easy to get approved for and has many, many benefits. Waiting to receive your commission until the closing day prevents many agents from focusing on building their business and managing their cash flow. A real estate commission advance helps agents and brokers invest and grow their business, fund their marketing expenses, drastically reduce their other business debts, project their income with more certainty, and pay their business expenses on time.

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