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Doing Real Estate Cold Calling the Right Way

Many real estate agents rely upon cold calling to grow their teams and gain new prospects and listings. In the busy housing market, real estate cold calling is a quick and tactful way to generate new leads and clients. As an agent, understand what it takes to sell your service appropriately can be the key to business success. Real estate cold calling can significantly impact your sales and pay commission advances, but there are right and wrong ways to generate cold calls. 

Tips for Effective Cold Calling

  • Call during business hours- The purpose of real estate cold calling is to reach a live person to deliver your message, and generate the lead. To achieve this, you should prospect during regular business hours and get the direct line of the individual you are attempting to reach.
  • Be persistent- When reaching out to potential leads, it is important to be persistent, without being annoying. Personalize your message and maintain a constant flow of conversation to ensure your message is received.
  • Utilize an effective script- Once you reach your intended lead, you should be prepared with the appropriate script. A compelling script should be quick, non-offensive, easy to understand, and tactful.

After a productive cold call, many real estate agents generate sales and commissions. This, of course, is the key to your success as a real estate agent.

What Not to Do When Cold Calling

If you are a busy real estate agent looking to generate a significant amount of leads through cold calling, you are facing hard work. The process of real estate cold calling goes beyond picking up a phone and blindly dialing. If not done correctly, agents can lose the lead and the potential for earning commission. To ensure these things do not happen here is what not to do when cold calling:

  • Cut out the small talk- Avoid asking questions like, “Is this a good time,” or “How are you,” this is an excellent way to lose control of the lead. Develop a powerful opening line that gets directly to your point. Establish a clear objective and do not stray from that goal.
  • Don’t talk too much – Once you have clearly identified and explained your purpose, answer any questions you have quickly. Avoid the temptation of talking too much or giving lengthy responses to questions.
  • Don’t use the yellow pages – Although it costs money to purchase a list, targeting your niche is a better approach than opening the yellow pages and dialing.
  • Focus on bothering people – As a real estate agent it is important to stay focused on the task at hand. You may be calling up to a 100 people a day, if you focus on worrying about annoying them, you will not be able to make sales.

When done correctly, cold calling can increase the amount of leads generated and improve the amount of sales in the real estate market. If you are an agent, you understand the benefits of advancing your commission check.

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