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Maximizing Repeat Business from Your Real Estate Clients

real-estate-clientsAny successful real estate agent knows that it is a difficult task to continually reach out to new real estate clients and nurture relationships with them through closing a deal. However, even customers who have already purchased a home make great prospects for repeat business down the road, and the longer you are in the real estate business, the more likely you are to see those customers move into larger homes, second properties and even downsize as they move forward in their lives. Fortunately, it is now easier than ever to maintain relationships with happy customers long term so you can be there when they are in need of your services again.

Social Media

Social media outlets provide a simple way for you to promote your business online, create direct connections to your clients, and share updates with them over time. If you are regularly using your social media pages to promote new listings, you may even entice someone who wasn’t sure if they were ready to move again or not to jump on a great opportunity. By keeping your page up to date and responding to messages in a timely and friendly manner you can publicly show that you are dedicated to clients even after you have closed the deal.

Sincere Thanks

Showing appreciation for your clients goes a long way towards getting them to come back next time they need a realtor. In many cases it is common for agents to send their real estate clients a sincere thank you note, and sometimes even a housewarming gift basket to congratulate them on their new home. Realtors become an intimate part of a person’s life when it comes to planning the future of a family, and clients appreciate that you take the time to thank them for their business.


In exchange for a great home buying experience, many of your real estate clients should be willing to provide you with a testimonial of their experience. After you have closed a deal and let them settle into their new home, reach out and ask them for a review. Most new clients will take the time to look online for reviews and choose an agent based on other people’s recommendations. You can gather all of these reviews on your website and social media pages so that both old and new clients can see why you are the best in the business.


While you may never know if or when your real estate clients will return, it is always worthwhile to get a list of referrals from them immediately after making a sale. The more you network within their circle, the more likely you are to see them down the road. It is possible that they lose touch with you, but have a friend who is still using your services years later. This web of connections maximizes the chances that you will encounter happy customers over and over again no matter how much time passes.

Studies show that 14% of an agent’s business comes from repeat clients, and 18% of business from referrals. The longer you stay in real estate, the more that number rises until you have a strong client base of happy home owners. Continuing to cultivate those relationships beyond the first deal opens up huge potential for your career long term so it is important to take advantage of social media, online and offline avenues for communication every chance you get.

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