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Using Instagram for Real Estate Marketing

In the age of constant connection and social presence, real estate brokers can take advantage of the most popular social media apps for marketing purposes. Instagram is one such application that provides many direct benefits to brokers by building connections with potential buyers and creating an avenue to showcase unique real estate. Using Instagram for real estate can be a huge boost to productivity when done right.

Skip the Consultations

In the past, new home buyers and sellers wanted to vet their real estate broker through traditional means. That meant sitting down and having a heart to heart discussion, asking lots of questions and generally conducting an interview to determine whether or not you are the right fit for their needs. This was a time consuming process that may or may not have actually turned into any real money in the end. Today, Instagram allows you to post pictures of you, your work and other activities. You can show potential customers snapshots of your life and give them direct insight into who you are and what you’re all about. People will follow you because they like what you are sharing and they will feel like they have a personal connection to your life before ever meeting you. When it comes time for them to buy, they may skip the interview phase altogether because they are already confident that they know what you can do for them.

Showcase Features

The problem with many real estate listings, and real estate photography in general, is that there are a limited number of photos that can be connected to any single ad. The photographer is forced to capture pictures of the home that show every room and the exterior in an unexciting way without going into too much detail about any special features. Using Instagram for real estate allows you to create artistic photos of the same property that focus on the things people love most. Special kitchen upgrades, gorgeous landscaping and beautiful master suites are features that people want to see in detail. Capture the light coming through the living room window and reflecting off the chandelier. Share the birds sitting on the back deck railing overlooking a garden. People want to experience the house, not just see how big the room is from the doorway!

Broadcast Yourself

One of the best features of Instagram for real estate is that it is a social media platform that already plays well with all of your other marketing efforts. Not only can you post your pictures to Instagram for your followers, but you also have the ability to push those photos directly to Facebook, Twitter and other outlets with a single button. This saves you from having to go to each site individually and make separate posts.

Using Instagram for real estate is a great way to show off amazing properties and connect with people. Creating visual interactions with potential buyers will get them comfortable with the way you do business and make them want to reach out to you when they are ready to buy. You will have instantaneous feedback on your posts so you can see what buyers want to see more of, and you will have the ability to communicate directly with those buyers and transition them toward face-to-face meetings very quickly.

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