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Achieving a Real Estate Agent Work Life Balance

Being a real estate agent is very similar to being self-employed. It is up to you to make your schedule work, get everything done in a timely manner and not miss out on home life at the same time. Achieving a real estate agent work life balance is a challenge in any case, but it is possible if you take note of these recommendations on how to best manage your time and stay in control.

To-Do Lists

Probably the single best way to keep track of your tasks and goals is to create to-do lists. Many agents recommend creating multiple lists for both short and long-term goals. First, create a one or five year plan that has all of the major goals you are working toward in a general sense. Frame it, put it up on the wall or just keep it somewhere where you can see it and be reminded of where you area headed. Next, create a to-do list for weekly tasks, things you need to check up on and errands you’ve been putting off. Lastly, create a daily to-do list that really nails down the tasks you need to take care of right now, today. When all of your daily tasks have been marked off, turn to your weekly list and see what you can get knocked out in your free time. Don’t forget to include family time and vacations on your to-do lists too!


For the sake of your sanity and mental health, take some time each day to disconnect from your phone, email and social media. Use a productivity app that rewards you for not wasting time, and set a timer for yourself. Whether it’s an hour or just thirty minutes, use this time to really focus on the most complicated tasks without any distractions and get as much done as possible. Staying organized on a day to day basis will ensure that you don’t waste this time tracking down information or trying to decide what needs to get done first.

Create Partnerships

You can’t be everywhere at once. Building a team of other agents and assistants in your area can help relieve the stress on you. Find partners with offset schedules,¬†different availability, and located in different parts of town. Then when you have a client in need, you can refer them to your partners instead of having to make a long commute or cancelling family plans to make time for them. Splitting commissions with your partners is not such a bad deal if they are able to throw some business your way that falls within your normal work hours and gives you more flexibility throughout the week.

The key to maintaining a solid real estate agent work life balance is knowing what parts of your life are most important and how much time you want to spend on each one. By prioritizing your family alongside your work in your long term planning, you have the ability to check in on yourself and see how you are doing as you move down your to-do list each day. Working with other agents in the area will not only improve your real estate agent work life balance, but will also help them do the same. This mutually beneficial work relationship can help you reach a larger customer base and actually improve your income while reducing your work hours.

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