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"I want to thank you again for being professional, prompt, courteous, and sensitive to the fact that it was my first time taking an advance on my commission. Initially I was leery about dealing with commission advance type companies. However, given my positive experience with Premier Commission I would definitely use Premier Commission’s again because of the great customer service skills shown, low upfront fees charged, and no hidden fees. Fiona H, Philadelphia, PA. "

"I wanted to write to thank you for the service you provide. When the recession started in 08 commission checks ebbed and flowed at times as short sales became the name of the game. One never knew when or if the transaction would close. I checked into commission advance companies to help keep up with the very consistent American billing system from mortgage, credit card and service companies. I used Ecommission and Real Commission companies, they both claimed to have the best rates and terms. What they fail to mention until you sign the contract is the hold back structure and other processing fees. They charge about 11% but forget to include the funding fee, the delivery charge etc. If you pay a fee for money it needs to be expressed as an overall interest rate for the money you receive, all in for those companies is about 15% to 18% depending on the size of your advance, I’m not sure how they are getting away with it. Unlike the other companies your application process is not cumbersome, it is streamlined and to the point. Your company charged me 5% with no hold backs or junk fees. You guys are the real deal, straight shooters and fast. If there was a way for me to get your info into the hands of every Realtor I would do it. To be giving away hard earned commission dollars is just plain silly. Paul P., Keller Williams CA.   "

"Thank you for your assistance. It was a pleasure doing business with your company. I had a emergency and you seemed to understand the importance of working with me in a timely fashion. C.B. EXit "

" After using a different advance service, I was referred to Premier Commission through our franchise. The ease of the process was fantastic and the fact that they don’t charge extraneous fees is a welcome change. -Brian H, Virginia "

" To Premier Commission;   I want to sincerely thank you for the courteous and professional service you gave me re: my recent commission advance.   I had used a service a few years ago and of course the executives and assistants were courteous and professional but there’s so much more that makes Premier Commission better.  After all , it’s about the money.   1) Premier Commission is reasonable and doesn’t charge huge fees in the knowledge that the broker has no other choice than to have upwards of 40% of fees withheld as reserve, and side fees.   2). Every day a deal doesn’t close the broker loses money with other firms.  Premier Commission doesn’t take advantage of a bad situation.   3). I have come to really like the people at Premier Commission.  To receive a telephone call from the head of the firm is something I didn’t ‘t experience with the other.  I will always be a fan and client of Premier Commission.  And of course I will shout their praises to the rooftops.   Finally, I know some real estate brokerage firms which prefer vendor relationships with commission advance firms other than Premier Commission; and to those brokerage firms I would advise them that they are not looking after the financial welfare of their brokers, who are being taken advantage of by these other companies.   J.B. Douglas Elliman, NY "

" Premier Commission is why I am still in the brokerage world. Business is good, but things happen in life that are uncontrollable. Instead of changing professions, Premier Commission  provided me with a commission advance within 24 hours of the request. I am now able to continue doing what I love. Premier Commission has made my life much easier! – Josh , New York "

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