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1 – J.B. Douglas Elliman

Posted by on February 20, 2014

To Premier Commission;


I want to sincerely thank you for the courteous and professional service you gave me re: my recent commission advance.


I had used a service a few years ago and of course the executives and assistants were courteous and professional but there’s so much more that makes Premier Commission better.  After all , it’s about the money.


1) Premier Commission is reasonable and doesn’t charge huge fees in the knowledge that the broker has no other choice than to have upwards of 40% of fees withheld as reserve, and side fees.


2). Every day a deal doesn’t close the broker loses money with other firms.  Premier Commission doesn’t take advantage of a bad situation.


3). I have come to really like the people at Premier Commission.  To receive a telephone call from the head of the firm is something I didn’t ‘t experience with the other.  I will always be a fan and client of Premier Commission.  And of course I will shout their praises to the rooftops.


Finally, I know some real estate brokerage firms which prefer vendor relationships with commission advance firms other than Premier Commission; and to those brokerage firms I would advise them that they are not looking after the financial welfare of their brokers, who are being taken advantage of by these other companies.   J.B. Douglas Elliman, NY

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