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Tips For Developing a Yearly Real Estate Marketing Plan

Marketing is an important ingredient for the success of a business. To effectively market your expertise to prospective clients, you must have a wealth of information. For instance, you must know how to build your promotion campaign, strengthen your marketing plan, increase your presence in the real estate market etc.

Whether you’re working with limited resources or have an established marketing team, pinpointing an efficient real estate marketing plan can turn out to be confusing. This is especially true in this digital age. Whenever you’re faced with an array of marketing practices, it’s easy to be tempted to spread your game plan so thin and lose your focus on the core goals.

By being aware of how to combine key methods, you’ll be able to impart the correct message, which will make your property stand out and outshine competitors. Ultimately, you’ll not only be able to drive your clients to a swift decision but you’ll also manage to maximize your profit potential.

Tips for Developing Yearly Real Estate Marketing Plan

The following are the top tips to help you develop an annual real estate marketing plan:


Here are some of the questions that you should ask yourself at the planning stage:

  • What kind of clients are you targeting? Exactly what do you need from them? You must prepare a comprehensive analysis of the companies or individuals you want to lease or sell to.
  • Who are your competitors? How do they market their properties? Exactly what do they offer? How do you differentiate yourself from them?
  • What’s your budget? How do you intend to allocate the funds for different marketing activities?

Offline Marketing Plan

Ever heard of the common adage? If it’s not broken, don’t fix it? While technology has advanced, tried and tested offline marketing strategies remain effective in generating trust, familiarity as well as gain personal association with prospective tenants and investors.

Online Marketing Plan

Establishing a visible online presence it crucial. Here are some of the areas you should focus on to improve your online marketing plan:

  • Digital brochures
  • Website updates
  • Website development
  • Outreach marketing
  • Online press releases

Others are:

  • Email campaigns
  • Performance-based advertising
  • Media placements
  • Social media

Measuring Results

When it comes to measuring results, use various metrics to measure your success. The most effective include:

  • Brand impressions (specifically for Ad performance)
  • Leads generated (specifically for overall success)
  • Clippings (especially for PR activities)
  • Website visits (especially for online marketing campaigns)

Basic Sections a Real Estate Plan Should Have

  1. Executive Summary – A detailed summary of the complete plan covering all your major points in as minimal words as possible.
  2. Mission Summary – Indicate your business value and philosophy. What sets you apart? Who and how do you serve?
  3. Market Analysis – This section is an overview of the present real estate trends and how they affect you.
  4. Competitive Analysis – Who is your direct competition? How are the competitors marketing themselves?
  5. SWOT Analysis – What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?
  6. Goals and Impact – Set both long and short-term goals. Have clear objectives … Consider the impact of those achievements on your personal business life.
  7. Product Definition – Indicate the specific services you provide and why one should do business with you.
  8. Marketing Strategies and Schedule – How do you intend to grab the attention of your clients? Which types of channels do you plan to use to communicate your message?
  9. Budget – What’s the amount you intend to spend on marketing efforts?
  10. Evaluation and Control – Closely monitor your results. What can you learn from the results? After establishing that, refine your approach!

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