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What to Include in Real Estate Newsletters for Clients

21017231_sThe real estate newsletters for client reading that agents send out will vary greatly, depending upon the individual agent’s goals, personality and clientele. There are, however, several key things that should remain the same. If your real estate newsletters for client reading don’t contain the right elements, then people could end up ignoring them altogether. Here is what you should always include:

Headlines that make heads turn

Your headline is one of the most valuable parts of your real estate newsletter. Without a good headline, people won’t look twice at your newsletter, let alone read its contents. To make sure that your newsletter doesn’t end up in the garbage — or the spam box — make sure that your headlines always contain the following elements:

  • Attention grabbing
  • Concise
  • Imminent relevance

A little graphic design effort

If you send your clients newsletters discussing interior design or home improvement tips, your readers should see something that excites them about the subject. While we’re sure that you would include eloquent prose in your newsletters, people are visual creatures; as such, you should include some sort of visual imagery that gets people excited about learning how to recreate designs that are included in the picture.

Relevant content

Unless your newsletter is discussing a topic that can affect everybody, the phrase “general real estate newsletters for client reading” should be erased from your vocabulary right now. You need to send out newsletters based on your client’s real needs. This will ensure that your real estate newsletter is something that absolutely must be read, and that it never annoys anybody.

Marketing technology has evolved to the point that you can identify a person’s needs in real time, so there is no reason that you cannot figure this out. For example, marketing automation tools can correlate data from someone’s internet activities in order to help you determine whether or not a client who used your service to purchase a home is interested in making a few upgrades to their home.

The right channel

How do your clients prefer to receive communications? Delivering your real estate newsletters for clients will not only make sure that your clients receive it, but also that you don’t waste your time with redundant efforts (if your clients tend to throw direct mail into the garbage, then you don’t want to waste your time with this). If you aren’t sure about how your clients would prefer to receive your real estate newsletter, ask them.

A way to contact you via multiple channels

Although they are your clients, you shouldn’t assume that they have your contact info handy. Be sure to include multiple ways to reach out to you in each real estate newsletter. At the very least, you should add the following:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Social media pages

What the reader should do next

How you end your real estate newsletter is the most important part of its actual content. You must never forget that the real estate newsletters that you create for clients to read are for marketing purposes; all marketing materials are created with an end business goal in mind. Your newsletter needs to guide your clients along the right path; the best way to make sure of this is to include a solid call-to-action. This doesn’t have to be a pushy sales pitch. A good call-to-action could be something as simple as an invitation to learn more information (you are the expert, after all).

Make sure that your real estate newsletters are newsworthy

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