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Effective Communication Tips for Working with Other Real Estate Agents

38997780_sAs a real estate agent, you will constantly be dealing with clients to get real estate deals closed so that you can get your commission. To gain new clients and close those deals however, you will have to compete with other real estate agents in your area. You must remember that your clients are not the only people that you will have to play nice with. You will also be regularly working alongside of — instead of competing with — other agents. Some of them will be representing other clients, while others will be willing to connect you with brand new clients of your own.

Regardless of why you are working with another real estate agent, you want to be able to communicate with them effectively in order to maximize the potential of that relationship. To that end, here are a few effective communication tips for working with other real estate agents:

Make yourself readily available to the agent on the other side of the table

Whether you are a buyer’s agent or a seller’s agent, there is a chance that the person who your client wants to close a deal with will have an agent of their own. The key to getting the deal closed in a manner that works out the best for all parties involved is to keep all channels of communication open with the agent on the other side of the deal. This is for a few reasons:

  • Another agent’s client may have a change of heart that benefits you, and getting the deal done before someone else does could be critical
  • Information about the property could affect how your client perceives it
  • The other agent’s client may be looking to close the deal ASAP

If you aren’t in constant communication with the other agent, then it is very likely that you will miss out on these opportunities, and this will make closing a deal for your client take much longer.

Keep your ears open, even when you aren’t working on a deal

This is one of the most overlooked effective communication tips for real estate agents, but it is also one of the most important. When you keep your communication channels open to other agents that you have built relationships with, even when you aren’t actively working with them, you set yourself up to be the first to learn about new opportunities.

Do the courtesy of leaving other agents feedback

Other agents appreciate it when you help them do their job better. By giving another agent client feedback about a showing, listing price, etc., you are helping the other agent serve their own client better. This, in turn, enhances your working relationship with the other agent and increases the likelihood that you’ll be the first one that they call when it’s time to make a new deal.

Be clear about statuses

There are few things more frustrating for a real estate agent than discovering that something is not as it appears. Not informing people about open house date changes, allowing sold properties to linger on the MLS, not letting an agent know that a buyer is no longer interested are all great ways to waste another agent’s time. Because your inaction will cause other agents to waste their time, your reputation will be harmed. This, will in turn make agents less likely to choose to work with you, or recommend your services to clients who they are unable to serve.

Are you communicating effectively?

Following these effective communication tips will ultimately help you earn more commission. Contact our team of real estate communication experts to learn more.

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