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How to Earn More & Improve Your Real Estate Agent Salary

real-estate-agent-salaryUnlike other professions, wherein your pay is completely controlled by the company that you work for, your real estate agent salary can be increased by your own actions. You just have to know what steps to take in order to make this happen. Here are the top ways that you can earn more as a real estate agent:

Prepare for the unforeseen

No matter how great of a real estate agent you are, you can come across rough patches when deals simply aren’t getting closed fast enough. You should prepare for this beforehand. For example, you should already have a resource to keep your finances steady if deals are slow, because trying to run your real estate business underfunded will cause serious problems for your real estate agent salary in the short and long-term. A real estate commission advance can help you prepare for unexpected expenses and keep you on track.

Expand your real estate education

No matter how many years you have been an agent, there is always something new that you can learn (you should never assume otherwise). Even one piece of new information related to the real estate industry could be the key to unlocking untapped earning potential. As such, you should explore what kind of classes, books and other educational opportunities are available to help you increase your real estate agent salary.

Find new ways to market

Technology has evolved to provide professionals of all types with brand new ways to market themselves and their services. As a real estate agent, you should always be seeking to use the latest, greatest marketing tools for your benefit. These tools do not have to be complicated or expensive either. For example, simply launching a website gives your internet presence (and thereby your ability to be found) a huge boost; the occasional real estate post on LinkedIn helps boost your reputation as a top agent among your peers, and enhances your ability to close deals in your favor.

Actively expand your list of clients

Even if people already come to you seeking your services, do not settle. When someone searches for a real estate agent in your state, they may or may not find you. By actively seeking a larger number of clients or more high value clients, on the other hand, you place yourself at the forefront when someone needs a real estate agent.

Start your own brokerage firm

An outstanding way to expand your real estate agent salary is to create a mutually beneficial relationship with other brokers wherein they have an opportunity to benefit from your brand name and experience, and in exchange, you get a portion of the proceeds from the deals that they close. This is one of the best ways to expand your salary if you are an experienced, well-connected agent.

Become a real estate investor

You have spent plenty of time learning about the real estate industry, developing connections and becoming an expert in the area that you work in. If you are only using this to be a real estate agent for others, then you are making a financial mistake. You should also be using your knowledge, expertise and connections to close your own personal deals as a real estate investor. As an agent, you get to see firsthand the profitability of being a real estate investor, so why not improve your salary by investing in some property yourself?

Are you ready to take your salary to the next level?

You already have access to the tools you need to increase your salary. You just need to use them. For more information about how to improve your success in the real estate business, feel free to contact our team.

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