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Get Cash Flow Before the Holidays with a Real Estate Agent Commission Advance

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Real estate agents can earn a tremendous amount of money, but one thing they lack is a steady income.  An agent or broker can go months without seeing a single commission check and this can really hurt their cash flow.  Given how competitive the industry has become, real estate agents and brokers are also required to re-invest a lot of money into their business.  

With a new year approaching, agents need to start focusing on next year’s budget.  This time of year also coincides with the holiday shopping season.  A solution may be a commission advance, which allows an agent or broker to receive their hard-earned commission shortly after a contract is signed. 

A real estate commission advance affords an agent the luxury of not having to wait until closing, which means they can focus on investing time and money into their business, which in turn will help to drive future sales.  During the holidays, personal finances should not be used for business purposes and vice versa.  An advance will allow the broker to keep these funds segregated, ensuring that your business will be properly funded when the ball drops in Times Square.

Waiting for a commission can be more costly than the fees associated with an advance.   In some cases, it can take up to 120 days to receive a commission check from a contract that was signed months earlier.  The time that elapses during the closing process can be detrimental to an agent’s business.  Months pass and an under-invested business will suffer.  Less money spent on technology and other types of advertising means fewer leads, which can lead to fewer commission dollars generated in an ever-competitive market. 

Commission advances are used to help agents and brokers to overcome the delays in receiving their hard-earned commission.  For a few cents on the dollar, agents and brokers can rest easy, knowing their businesses will be well-funded heading into the new year.  There may even be a few presents left under the tree for their loved ones.   

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