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How to Build Relationships With Clients

how to build a relationship with clientsYour clients are the most important part of your real estate business. Therefore, how to build relationships with clients should always be on your mind. Here are a few steps that you should be taking right now to improve your client relationships and expand your real estate business:

Be upfront about everything

You will have to deliver both good news and bad news to clients. Both should be delivered in the same fashion: direct and thorough. This is because people want to know the facts; sugar coating things won’t lessen the blow. It will simply serve to agitate and confuse people. This, in turn, diminishes your relationship with a client. Instead, develop a reputation as a “straight shooter” who gets news to clients immediately.

Don’t assume that they know what you do

People don’t like it when they don’t understand something. Even worse, they could start disliking you if they feel as though you’re intentionally talking over their heads. A such, it is critical that you learn how to break down terminology, facts and anything else that is exclusive to the real estate industry into basic layman’s terms. The better you can do this, the more comfortable your clients will feel working with you.

Understand that real estate is not “just business” for many people

When you are trying to broker a home buying or selling deal, you will be working with someone’s current or future home. This is a very personal experience for that client, because they have developed or will develop a very intimate connection with that piece of property. Also keep in mind that real estate deals are often brokered under emotional circumstances (estate stales after a death in the family, sales/deed transfers after a divorce, etc.) You need to be prepared for this, and possibly go beyond the facts and figures of the deal to properly accommodate your client’s unique needs.

Show your clients that the wheels are always turning in your head

If you have a good idea, shoot it to your client. This is an outstanding way to not only show that you are always coming up with better ways to do business, but also that you kept them in mind. This could be anything ranging from thinking of new ways to stage a home to alternative ways to find that dream home.

Listen more than you talk

You are the real estate expert. Your clients are coming to you for that expertise. These facts, however, do not give you a license to tell a client about everything that they need to do before you even understand all of his or her needs. Enhance your client relationship and your ability to do your job by carefully listening to what your client has to say about what they want and how they would like to achieve those goals. This “listen and respond” approach gives you an opportunity to look like an even bigger expert, because you can now make every solution that you offer tailor made for your client.

Be flexible

When thinking of how to build relationships with clients, it is critical to remember that it’s not about what you want. It’s all about them. As such, you may have to give up on a specific approach if a client simply doesn’t like it, no matter how much business sense it makes. Being overly pushy will cause a client to feel uncomfortable working with you.

What are your client relationships like?

You should be constantly nurturing client relationships to enhance your success in the real estate business. To learn more about how to build relationships with clients in real estate, stay tuned to our blog.

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